Friday, 15 March 2013

Its own clothes day uh oh

The one thing that American's do every day and thrive to cope with it but the one thing, the one thing (may I emphasize I am not quoting a One direction song, bless them!) that British teenagers madly dance around their rooms flitting from mirror to heap of clothes know as wardrobe in the threat and preparation for Own clothes day. The onslaught and desire to socially conform or not socially conform and lead to that impervious word that has gripped teenage minds; "indie". Interestingly enough i got called that on a all too regular frequency possibly due to my very low cut Nirvana vest and my spray on jeans however as shocking as it was to me I was referred to as a "trendsetter" which naturally pleased my ever compliment eager ear! This sort of analysis seems to link arm in arm with all own clothes days, not that it is a bad thing it actually gets teenagers of my gender thinking about fashion and assessing what is good and bad or what everyone is wearing. I even was in a conversation where the words "fashion sense" came up a huge rarity at my ho-ray Henry rugby mad boys school. With this judgement and opportunity to define bearing down upon I noticed a huge trend scurrying through the school corridors, the sweater.

The sweater was certainly a logical feature for today's weather and people certainly dressed well for the season. There was a lovely use of winter fabrics like wool and heavy ski coats but then quite neon colors contrasting, I saw the above Jack Wills jumper above over three times in different colors then another in cable style. This is certainly often the case at a school own clothes day, there are 500 kids all looking identical, I can recall one last summer where almost everyone bar myself was in Chinos. However the current trend gracing the doors of my school wasn't as bad as my arch enemy the hoodie usually dominating the hallways, it contained some refinement and slight sophistication. My classmates were no longer dressing like boys who dress for what they can run around in but something that  develops an image an identity. 

What I Wore 

Nirvana vest: Happy shack
Spray on black jeans: Topman
Bomber Jacket: Asos 


  1. Hiya!
    In Australia we call these days casual clothes day, but they seem to illicit exactly the same kind of stress in those of us here who are fashion-conscious like you! A friend of mine once said that they were so hard because we have to 'try and compress our everyday style into one-single-day style.'

    Good on you for being a trend-setter!

    x Bea

    1. I feel truly evil for replying this late but as you can see my blog has been in a indefinite hibernation. Thank you so much for your comment, I entirely agree the social norms oppressed onto teenagers are truly awful and then these all being bombarded onto us on the own clothes days are horrific. Thank you so much again and thanks for reading my blog!!!! x